Mahendru PC’s International Arbitration Insights Featured in Best Lawyers 2020 Global Business Edition Magazine

HOUSTON – Houston trial lawyers Ashish Mahendru and Darren A. Braun of Mahendru PC appeared in the latest issue of Best Lawyers Business Edition after the magazine featured the attorneys’ international arbitration article “Without Delay.”  

The article explores the benefits of including arbitration clauses inside of international agreementsThe two litigators cite several positive reasons to steer toward international arbitration, especially during the global COVID-19 pandemic, which has brought many of the world’s legal systems to a halt.  

  • First, international arbitration has always relied on remote means, rather than requiring in-person appearances, to move disputes forward.  
  • Second, the procedure offers flexibility to address problems that come up and typically moves faster 
  • Third, arbitrators are very comfortable with presenting an entire final hearing via videoconference or by other methods.  
  • Finally, arbitrators are paid to advance cases to a close regardless of what is occurring in the outside world. 

“Arbitration clauses in contracts, then, will help American companies ensure that their disputes will be expediently adjudicated in a tried, tested forum immune from the effects of a pandemic or anything else,” Mr. Mahendru and Mr. Braun wrote in the article. “This benefit, combined with the elimination of practical and logistical hurdles in international litigation, should make arbitration the preferred forum for any company engaged in international business.” 

Mr. Mahendru and Mr. Braun have broad experience representing clients in complex business and commercial disputes in state and federal courts and in arbitration. Their firm uses strong civil litigation expertise to design savvy legal strategies to protect their clients’ business and individual interests. 

This is the fifth year for the Best Lawyers Global Business Edition. It is the definitive guide to connecting leaders in the international legal community with influential businesses in the United States. The publication is published twice each year and highlights current events, business and legal trends on a global scale. 

Mahendru PC is a boutique commercial litigation firm whose attorneys are known for their tenacity, intelligence and experience. Founded in 2001, the firm has a simple philosophy: Your problem is our problem. We adopt it, understand it and solve it. Our objective is to resolve every case in the best, fastest and most cost-efficient manner possible. We never wait for our opponent’s next move, which means we spend a lot of time at the courthouse and are well-known there. To learn more, visit 

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