Mahendru, PC takes risks with its clients. That is the way to win. On Monday, June 18, 2012, a potential client walked in the door describing an emergency situation in partnership dispute. This client was locked out of the business by another partner. Everything was upside down for this partner. Cell phones were turned off; email accounts were blocked; passwords to accounts were changed; and bank accounts were moved. This client was in a state of information blackout—not knowing what was going on with his company in which he had a 46.5% ownership interest.

Not many lawyers can address this emergency partner dispute, because it is complicated. Various partnership agreements have to be digested, the course of conduct of the parties has to be sized up, law of the jurisdiction in which the entity was formed needs to be closely analyzed, and finally, the elements required to meet the initial burden of a temporary restraining order/temporary injunction need to be synchronized with the facts presented. Those lawyers who can obtain effective relief for clients in this partnership deadlock, tend to charge a hefty sum to get the harmed partner his or her rights back in the company.

At my firm, we believe in taking risk with our clients. Putting our skin in the game, so the client is reassured we are fully engaged, working hard, and putting our best foot forward. Taking on a contingency fee case in a partnership deadlock case is extremely risky. How does the lawyer know what the ability of the defendants is to pay a judgment? What if the bad acting partner has absconded with all the assets of the company? What if the client had sent some emails which the lawyer doesn’t know about that gave the bad acting partner the ability to take over?

There are many scenarios of unaccounted risk in partnership dispute cases, but we are willing to put our belief in the client’s case and take the risk with the client.

So on Monday evening when the client first presented himself in our office, we agreed to take the case on a contingency basis, and by Tuesday morning, we had the client back in the company after getting a temporary restraining order issued by a Harris County District Court judge.

If you want fast acting, responsive, effective representation through a lawyer willing to take the risk with you, give Mahendru, PC a chance to represent your interests whether in Houston or outside.