Court Appeals Affirms Mahendru, P.C.’s $27 Million Trial Court Win

The Texas 13th Court of Appeals affirmed the dismissal of a $27 million lawsuit against the buyers of a highway construction business.

Appellant Ray Hernandez sued Mohammad Motaghi and Mitra Khan in Nueces County district court, alleging that Motaghi and Khan breached a written contract by purchasing the business without Hernandez’s involvement.  Hernandez alleged that the contract required the parties to purchase the business “jointly.”  Hernandez alleged that Motaghi and Khan were liable for up to $27 million in liquidated damages.

Motaghi and Khan were represented by Ashish Mahendru and Darren Braun of Mahendru, P.C.

The trial court granted summary judgment in favor of Motaghi and Khan and dismissed his claims with prejudice.  The Court of Appeals affirmed, holding that Hernandez failed to “to show an enforceable contract” and that he had failed to offer sufficient proof on any of his other claims.

The lawsuit is Hernandez v. Motaghi et al., 13-19-00188-CV.

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