How to Stop Your Legal Opponents in Their Tracks

It may be that a competitor has interfered with a business contract, an employee has stolen your trade secrets or breached a non-compete agreement, or a business partner has stolen from your company.  You have to go to court to protect the company though you’d rather not. An Easier Path Many lawyers follow the hard […]

What To Do When Your Business Partner Becomes Your Enemy

As a business owner, your priority is to protect and grow your company, and the last thing you want is a critical disagreement with your business partner. A partnership dispute not only disrupts your business, it can become both a stressful personal and professional experience.  “If you find yourself in a bitter fight with a […]

National Legal Publication ABA Journal Quotes Mahendru on Expert Witness Use

Ashish Mahendru was quoted by the ABA Journal on his advice for using expert witnesses in an article headlined, “For an expert witness, consider reputation, location and cost.” “An expert witness with excellent credentials can cost more than lawyers,” the Houston commercial litigator told the publication of the American Bar Association. “A forensic accountant may […]

Law360 Rainmaker Q&A: Mahendru’s Ashish Mahendru

Ashish Mahendru is founder of the Houston litigation firm Mahendru PC, The Litigation Group. He has been praised by other lawyers as knowing the courthouse as well as anyone. From opposing counsel, there have been complaints. They say he treats every client like it’s his only client, which can wear down his opponents. An opposing […]

Schlumberger Fined, Trade Secrets Suit Against Ex-Atty Gutted

Share us on: By Jeremy Heallen Law360, Houston (August 27, 2014, 4:55 PM ET) — Schlumberger Ltd. was ordered to pay $600,000 in attorneys’ fees and sanctions on Wednesday after a Texas judge threw out the majority of a lawsuit the company had filed accusing its former chief intellectual property lawyer of sharing trade secrets […]

The Limits of Fiduciary Relationships

Whenever an employee acts out of self-interest or for self-profit, the question may arise as to whether or not he or she is in breach of his or her fiduciary duty. The answer to that question in the State of Texas depends largely on the type of employment that’s involved, the employee’s tenure with the […]

Damage Awards Allowed in Texas Business Litigation

As a Houston, TX business litigation attorney, it’s important for my clients to know the types of damages to which they may be entitled in a business litigation suit before we file the action. Whenever a Texas court hears a contract dispute case or other type of civil action, it must consider how the damages […]

Equitable Forfeiture Remedies

In 2009, in the case of ERI Consulting Engineers, Inc. v. Swinnea, 318 S.W.3d 867 (Tex. 2010): the Texas Supreme Court ruled on the use of the proceeds of a questionable partnership buyout as equitable forfeiture. In this case, two partners in an engineering firm had been in business for a decade. One of the partners […]

Common Elements of Letters of Intent

Many of my Houston business clients have expressed apprehension when it comes to drafting and signing letters of intent. This may be because LOIs can resemble contracts in many ways. And while business professionals understand the importance of recording the terms discussed in negotiations, they often feel that the signing of documents should wait until […]

Letters of Intent

As a Houston, TX business litigation attorney, I often caution clients about the pitfalls involved with signing letters of intent. While on the one hand, a letter of intent can be a useful device to start a conversation or to begin a negotiation, often enough, one or more parties to the document will interpret a […]