National Legal Publication ABA Journal Quotes Mahendru on Expert Witness Use

Ashish Mahendru was quoted by the ABA Journal on his advice for using expert witnesses in an article headlined, “For an expert witness, consider reputation, location and cost.”

“An expert witness with excellent credentials can cost more than lawyers,” the Houston commercial litigator told the publication of the American Bar Association. “A forensic accountant may cost $150,000.”

The story in the November 2016 edition of the ABA Journal notes that Mr. Mahendru, who specializes in breach of contract, partnership and commercial disputes, intellectual property theft and other business-related issues, advises clients in advance about the costs and the value of an expert witness.

The article said he “relies on local experts he’s used previously. But he may also search online for an expert with a rare specialty and sometimes asks attorneys who have previously opposed him in court for recommendations.”

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