Ashish Mahendru Featured on KRIV Fox 26 Houston on How to Avoid Being Fraudulently Charged for the COVID-19 Vaccine

HOUSTON – KRIV Fox 26 Houston recently reached out to firm founder Ashish Mahendru for a live interview about the COVID-19 vaccine and how to avoid being charged for what is supposed to be a free shot.

During the segment, Mr. Mahendru stressed that the COVID-19 vaccination should be completely free and urged anyone getting the vaccine to ask questions about the cost before receiving it. He added that if the shot is associated with other medical services, like an annual checkup for example, then the medical provider will charge for the check-up but the charges should stop there.

“The Federal Government paid billions for the shots for all of us to receive them,” said Mr. Mahendru. “The last thing we need are scammers taking advantage of the system to charge us for the shot when they shouldn’t be able to do that.”

If you do receive a bill for the COVID vaccine or COVID testing and you feel the charges are fraudulent, Mr. Mahendru noted that there are avenues of relief. You can:

  • Call the Health and Human Services Hotline at 1-800-HHS-TIPS
  • Contact the Medicare Services Hotline at 1-800-MEDICARE (1-800-633-4227)
  • Contact an attorney who can address the issue for you

Mr. Mahendru also warned that, because the space is ripe for fraud, abuse and scammers, it is important to always be on your guard and never be afraid to ask questions as you go.

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