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Temporary Restraining Orders & Injunctions


When you own a business, there may come a time when you need to seek an injunction to protect your ongoing business operations.

If a competitor has interfered with your business contract or infringed on a copyright or trademark, or an employee has stolen your trade secrets or breached a non-compete agreement, an injunction may be vital to your business’s ability to survive and maintain its competitive market edge.

Or, if you are defending a request for an injunction, you need a skilled and experienced lawyer, as motion hearings for injunctive relief proceed quickly and require an ability to immediately analyze and respond to complex issues. Some of our cases include:

  • Locked the CFO and controlling shareholder out of a mid-sized oilfield services company based on his breaches of fiduciary duty to both the company and to the shareholders
  • Required an oil and gas company’s former landman to turn over his computer, cell phone, external hard drive, and cloud-storage files based on allegations that the landman had stolen trade secrets
  • Prevented the shut-down of a company by its controlling shareholder, who intended to move the company’s business into a new entity

Without a strong understanding of the procedures involved in a request for injunction, the process can be a minefield. Additionally, courts often are reluctant to interfere with free market enterprise, so injunctions can be extremely difficult to obtain.

At Mahendru P.C., we are aggressive and skilled in representing plaintiffs and defendants in proceedings for injunctive relief, including:

  • Interference of Business – If another company unfairly tries to seize your business or interfere with its operations, you need an experienced lawyer to safeguard your interests. And if you have been wrongfully accused of tampering with or stealing business from another entity, you need a skilled lawyer to protect your rights. Our firm handles a wide range of matters affecting businesses and individuals, including lawsuits involving allegations or tortious interference with a business relationship.
  • Trade Secrets & Non-Competes – If your company’s trade secrets have been stolen, or if an employee has violated a non-compete agreement, you need to act quickly to protect your business. Or, if you have been accused of stealing trade secrets or breaking a non-compete agreement, you need to secure trusted legal counsel to protect your rights. Read more about trade secrets & non-competes here.
  • Contract & Partnership Disputes – Business owners most likely will encounter disputes or disagreements with vendors, customers, partners or shareholders. When a dispute cannot be settled amicably, you need an experienced lawyer who can protect your business interests. Read more about contract and partnership disputes here.

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