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It may be that a competitor has interfered with a business contract, an employee has stolen your trade secrets or breached a non-compete agreement, or a business partner has stolen from your company.  You have to go to court to protect the company though you’d rather not. An Easier Path Many lawyers follow…(Read More)

As a business owner, your priority is to protect and grow your company, and the last thing you want is a critical disagreement with your business partner. A partnership dispute not only disrupts your business, it can become both a stressful personal and professional experience.  “If you find yourself in a bitter fight with a…(Read More)

Texas aligned itself with the vast majority of the country by passing the Texas Uniform Trade Secrets Act.  Importantly, this new law provides that a court may enjoin “actual or threatened misappropriation” of Trade Secrets. The act broadly defines Trade Secrets as “[I]nformation, including a formula, pattern, compilation, program, device, method, technique, process, financial…(Read More)

Many times in partnership disputes, litigators arrive at the scene after the dispute has erupted and the lawsuit has started or parties are entrenched in their positions and a lawsuit is the only way out. Since that is the usual set of facts I get confronted with, there are always instances in the lawsuit when…(Read More)

On May 8, 2013, the Ashish Mahendru and the Mahendru, PC team helped his client obtain a jury verdict in its favor for $1.17 million plus attorney’s fees of $95,000. The client purchased RINs, Renewable Identification Numbers, which are renewable fuel credits that are traded on the open market. The RINs were…(Read More)

In 2011, I was hired to represent some doctors against a hospital in Houston. The doctor clients were limited partners in the hospital, and the hospital decided to buy-out the interests of the limited partner doctors. The hospital invoked provision of the Texas Securities Act and basically attempted to rescind the original purchase of…(Read More)

On Tuesday morning, June 19, 2012, we obtained a Temporary Restraining Order and injunction for a client in a partnership dispute. Triton Investment Group owned 46.5% in a Wyoming limited liability company headquartered in Houston. Another member/owner of the limited liability company, Texas Energy, decided to lock out Triton Investment Group from the…(Read More)

A client of mine was shut out of a company in which it owned 50%. The other partners engaged in self-dealing and withdrew over $80,000 from the company’s accounts without my client’s consent or permission. A deadlock ensued between partners each owning 50-50. In a classic arrangement, my client bankrolled…(Read More)