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HOUSTON – Houston trial lawyers Ashish Mahendru and Darren A. Braun of the litigation law firm Mahendru P.C. were recently featured in Texas Lawyer discussing the growing trend of trade secrets litigation in Texas.     As changes in patent law have made it more difficult for plaintiffs, many are turning to trade secret litigation as an…(Read More)

HOUSTON – World-famous chef Omar Pereney is back to feeding Houston and helping restaurants perfect their menus after a settlement with his former employer who had refused to release him from a non-compete agreement. Mr. Pereney, a prodigy who starred on a Latin American cooking show when he was a young teenager, is thrilled…(Read More)

HOUSTON – Ashish Mahendru, founder of litigation boutique Mahendru P.C., was interviewed by the Houston Chronicle for his expertise involving the dissolution of business partnerships. In the article, “Q&A: Lawyer helps business partners break up,” reporter L.M. Sixel questions Mr. Mahendru about “what happens when the bonds are shattered” in a business…(Read More)

It may be that a competitor has interfered with a business contract, an employee has stolen your trade secrets or breached a non-compete agreement, or a business partner has stolen from your company.  You have to go to court to protect the company though you’d rather not. An Easier Path Many lawyers follow…(Read More)

If you’re part of the management of a Texas business that designs, creates, writes, or purchases intellectual property, it’s almost an inevitability that you will eventually discover that someone is trying to use your patented, copyrighted, or trademarked product without your permission. In some cases, there is no way to reverse the damage…(Read More)

No matter how careful a business is with its proprietary knowledge and processes, in order to function, it will eventually have to share its trade secrets with employees and managers. As a Houston, TX corporate law and commercial litigation attorney, Mahendru, PC frequently represents companies that have been negatively impacted by patent and copyright infringements…(Read More)

Among the most valuable assets companies have are their trade secrets. A trade secret is a “company specific” way a company manufactures a product, delivers a service, or uses information. Usually courts define a trade secret as: Any formula, pattern, device or compilation of information which is used in one’s business and presents an…(Read More)

Companies create and use confidential and trade secret information on a daily basis. Valuable confidential and trade secret information must be kept secure and out of reach of third parties. When dealing with confidential and trade secret information, a prudent practice should be to require each of employee to sign a covenant not to compete…(Read More)