Business Solutions to Breaches of Contracts

When two Texas businesses form a contract—whether that contract be oral or written—the objective is to facilitate the business relationship and to avoid future misunderstandings and hiccups in productivity. This may be counter-intuitive coming from a Houston business litigation attorney, but not all breaches of contracts should end up in the Texas civil courts. For […]

Eight Points to Consider for All Texas Partnerships

As a Houston, TX business litigation attorney, I am often retained to resolve business disputes between partners. While it is true that most partnerships will eventually hit bumps in the road that need to be ironed out, with careful planning, many misunderstandings can be avoided as of the business formation. With this in mind, our […]

The Danger of Arbitration Clauses

If you do business in the State of Texas for long enough, you’ll eventually be asked to sign contracts that require that all legal disputes be settled through binding arbitration. Many consumers and businesses agree to binding arbitration because: They feel that they don’t have a choice (which is never the case with any contract—you […]

Commercial Vehicle Crashes

When a car or motorcycle is involved in a crash with a commercial vehicle, there is a much greater likelihood that the driver and passengers will sustain serious injuries than in a car versus car accident. Even when they aren’t hauling a load or pulling a trailer, commercial vehicles, semi-trucks, and tractor-trailers are several times […]

Breach of Fiduciary Duty and Shareholder Oppression

The business world is fraught with potential dangers, and sometimes, nothing is more threatening to business health than betrayal from within. Fiduciary duty is the tie that binds partners, officers, directors, and management to irrevocable fidelity to the company’s best interests. However, there are many situations that arise in which a these individuals act without […]

Shut Down: Claims of Trade Secret Infringement Can Paralyze Businesses

When an employee leaves a company after learning proprietary knowledge, he or she bound to make a few people in management a little nervous. When that former employee takes a job with a competitor or opens a new business in the same field, chances are great that he or she will be watched very carefully. […]

Fiduciary Duty

In the State of Texas, when more than one person owns a business—even if it’s only a minority share of that business—they have a fiduciary duty to the financial health of the organization and to each other.  In corporations, the executive boards and management have a responsibility to put the welfare of the shareholders above […]

Injunctions: Speed Counts

There are times when the wheels of justice move too slowly to do you or your business any good. When you have an employee, partner, or competitor who is illegally doing damage to your business, you may not be able to wait for a lawsuit to work its way through the Texas civil courts. For instance, […]

Protecting Your Trade Secrets From Corporate Spies

No matter how careful a business is with its proprietary knowledge and processes, in order to function, it will eventually have to share its trade secrets with employees and managers. As a Houston, TX corporate law and commercial litigation attorney, Mahendru, PC frequently represents companies that have been negatively impacted by patent and copyright infringements, violations […]

Protecting Trade Secrets

Among the most valuable assets companies have are their trade secrets. A trade secret is a “company specific” way a company manufactures a product, delivers a service, or uses information. Usually courts define a trade secret as: Any formula, pattern, device or compilation of information which is used in one’s business and presents an opportunity to obtain […]