Lawyer who has been both opposing counsel and co-counsel

“You hire him because he won’t let go.”

Client in a business dispute

“I will refer every person I meet to Ashish. He’s that good.”

Attorney who was opposing counsel

“There are the basketball teams that are tough and you don’t want to play them again. That’s Ashish. . . . He can wear the other side down better than just about anybody.”

Former client in a partnership dispute

“Darren is the quiet one. He is quiet but deadly. The two of them together, you just sit back and watch the magic happen.”

Lawyer who opposed the firm in two cases

“He’s one of those kinds of people that you know you are in for a fight and you better bring your A-game.”

Client in business partnership dispute

“You have no doubt that Ashish wants to win the case as bad as you do.”